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BDSM Advice Pain & Torture

Erotic Torture FAQ

This is an old treasure that sadly disappeared from the web. Several people asked where itd gone, but luckily someone had it saved – so we can make it available until it might come back one day in its original place.

How can you justify torture?

        Generally I don’t. Like most of the BDSM subculture I totally support organisations such as Amnesty International . Responsible BDSM activities follow a creed summed up as “safe, sane and consensual”. “Safe” and “sane” may be relative but “consensual” is an absolute. Most players set and keep to agreed limits, and scenes are for mutual enjoyment.

But surely, anyone who enjoys pain must be sick?

      From time to time, yes I am sick, but currently it’s a post-viral condition. I like to think of myself as a responsible, socially-concerned member of society. Is someone sick if they enjoy a caress? Or a light slap on the bottom? Or a harder slap? Some enjoy stronger stimulation. Where is there a logical distinction? The “safe” and “sane” aspects of the creed dictate that such games will not endanger anyone’s physical or mental health or lead to the “victim” requiring serious medical attention. Most players enjoy the ritual of such games and the actual pain involved is often relatively small. By and large, the bloody whippings of historical dramas on the television are not repeated in peoples’ home “dungeons”. This is a common misconception amongst those who worry about people enjoying such activities.

Come on, you’re all just using SM as an excuse for wife-battering.

      So by implication, husband-battering is OK is it? It’s funny how some of the same groups who scream about “sexism” are incredibly sexist themselves.
      But the BDSM community is just as concerned about domestic abuse, of any description, as is the “vanilla” (non-BDSM-oriented) community. Yes, abuse can creep into BDSM activities and it is important to be aware of this. A useful guide to recognition of such abuse is given in the soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm FAQ, see link below. Remember, “consensual”.

Well you’re still perverts

      That’s about as logical as saying a carrot must be a potato. Enjoyment of BDSM activities and the tragic cases of sexual attraction to children are completely unconnected and quite different manifestations of sexuality.
      Once again, we come back to the word “consensual”; a child is not mature enough to consent, just as is the case with conventional sex, so involvement of children in any way is just as repugnant to the BDSM community as it is to the straight community.

I don’t understand how anyone can enjoy sadomasochism and I think it should be banned.

    It’s probably an instinctive part of the human psyche that what people do not understand they fear. Maybe this was a survival trait in the past. But now we just see the arrogance of people who assume their own tastes must be “correct”, and people who rely on prejudice rather than knowledge or logic. Sadly, such people often feel impelled to seek power over their fellow human beings and become local or national politicians.

God says you are sinners and that you will rot in Hell. Now what do you say?

    You are entitled to your own religious views. Personally I am not concerned whether you worship a concept of an all-powerful but nebulous deity, or, for that matter, a small pink stone. What you are not entitled to do is to enforce your religious views on others (or to claim that your religion gives you the monopoly on morality).

The thought of someone tying me up and doing, um, “terrible” things to me is sort of exciting. But what if it is more than I can take?
In responsible BDSM play this should not happen. Firstly, you must be sure you can trust someone before placing yourself in any such vulnerable position. Then you should use safewords. Choose a word that you are not likely to utter during any mock pleas for mercy, and which you can be sure to remember, then use it if you need the action to stop. The “top” (the person who has tied you up or who is nominally in control — you are the “bottom”) must obey your safeword instantly.

Some like to use the green-red-yellow system, where “Green” means “keep going” or “more please”, “Yellow” means “don’t stop, but ease up a bit just now” and “red” means “Absolutely Stop Now!”.

A gagged bottom cannot use a safeword of course, so a clear sound or gesture should be used instead. Sometimes the bottom may be told to hold a small rubber ball. If he/she drops it, that is a signal for the action to stop, at least until it has been established the ball was not dropped by accident. 🙂

Bottoms may feel that a safeword system ruins their enjoyment of helplessness, so players experienced with each other may choose not to use safewords. That is OK, but it makes prior negotiation and the sensitivity of the top even more important, and a signal for unexpected emergencies, e.g. asthmatic attacks, is still advisable.

Tops must also be aware that it occasionally happens that a bottom enters a euphoric or other mental state that hinders their using a safeword. Responsible BDSM play takes all these matters into account.

It will be seen that negotiation is vital. If someone, top or bottom, will not negotiate, can you trust them??

Is bondage safe?

      Generally yes (despite the next section), but like most other physical activities, safety depends on common sense, assessing risks and taking reasonable precautions. We do this the whole time in our daily lives, usually without conscious thought. We are constantly adjusting our bodies to enable ourselves to breath easily, to avoid cramps or numbness from uncomfortable positions, to avoid life’s simple dangers.
      But if someone is immobile, then suddenly those unnoticed adjustments become difficult and maybe vitally important. This means the top has two bodies to look after for the time being. He/she is equally responsible for both.

So what precautions should I take?

      A comprehensive answer to that is well beyond this FAQ. See the links below. However, a few random matters and thoughts to bear in mind:
      1. Know your play partner
        The world of vanilla sex has its rapists. Date-rapists may seem charming and innocuous right up until the moment they prove they are not. Similarly, if you are male, tied down to the bed, and that seemingly nice lady from Accounts has just removed from her handbag a copy of the “Bobbitt guide to body modification” and a sharp knife, then maybe you are going to find that you should have got to know her a bit better first.
      2. If someone is tied up, do not leave then unattended
        Sigh. I have to put this in – it’s compulsory. I have not traced when it happened yet, but this was clearly brought down from a mountain, carved on a stone tablet. If anyone doubts this, let them post to one of the BDSM newsgroups or mailing lists that they tied down their partner and then popped down to the shops to buy a new candle (or even just went into the next room). There will be a flood of angry responses from people in absolute apoplexy because someone has broken “the” rules.
        But actually, it is a pretty sensible precaution. Ropes can slip or tighten, cutting off circulation, causing nerve damage or even breathing difficulty. The bottom could have a sudden medical problem. Gags of any sort can be especially risky. Some positions themselves may cause breathing difficulties after a while (see below).
        “Safe and sane” means evaluating risks. Once the actual statistical likelihood of the top being hit by a runaway lorry while buying the candle, or of the house suddenly burning down, have been considered, once any known medical conditions (of the bottom or top) have been taken into account, once any risks from the bondage itself have been considered, then the play partners can make an informed decision. But it is still not a good idea. There again, climbing rock faces is an even worse idea, but people do it because they enjoy it and know the risks and nobody screams at rock-climbers. Much.
      3. Be careful with gags
        The damsel in distress (only acting of course) screams so prettily. Her evil captor removes her lace panties, bunches them up and pushes them into her mouth. He takes a scarf and ties it round through her mouth (a cleave gag) to hold the panties in place. He may tie another scarf around too. No longer can she communicate. She rolls her eyes so fetchingly, continuing to play the damsel in distress.
        But she is in distress; the material is working to the back of her mouth. They never agreed a gesture to act as a safeword. Anytime now, her airway is going to be blocked, or a reflex vomiting action is going to be induced. Is her captor going to notice in time? When she gets vomit in her lungs, will he get her to medical attention quickly enough? Is he about to find that the way he will spend his next few years is going to be radically altered?
        Or to take a tragically genuine example:
        Not too long ago, men broke into a house in London. A large woman was grabbed and handcuffed (or tied up?) while the rest of the house was searched. She was gagged with sticky tape, completely sealing her mouth. So she was lying helpless on the floor, highly stressed and she could not get enough air through her nose. She died. On the face of it, it was a case of murder. However, the men were immigration officials, the woman was an illegal immigrant and the men were held to have been doing their job.
        However, if you are not an immigration official and therefore do not have the authority to place people in non-consensual, dangerous bondage, take care with gags. They have a symbolic (often rather more than functional) importance in BDSM games, but beware of loose material in the mouth, or of completely sealing the mouth, and ensure that they can be removed very quickly.
      4. Don’t tie anything around the neck
        Dead obvious this, but people do it. Some are into asphyxiation games. We know this; there is enough evidence from coroners’ reports. And the police are apt to regard a corpse with rope or rope marks around the neck as “suspicious”.
        Even if people don’t die, reducing the oxygen supply to the brain is dangerous and potentially damaging. If it is desired to immobilise the head, use a head harness.
        (OK, I will admit that there are careful and responsible people into breath-control and who DO know what they are doing, but this FAQ is not for them anyway. For the inexperienced and the foolhardy, this is the way to tragedy. Trial and error does not apply here.)
      5. Be careful with handcuffs
        Thanks to the punk era and their use as fashion accessories, handcuffs are widely available and much used for bondage games, even by couples with no other interest in BDSM. But keys can be lost, and locks of cheap handcuffs can jam, and there are many newspaper stories of nearly nude ladies blushing (all over) while delighted firemen cut them free.
        But handcuffs were designed for the temporary immobilisation of a prisoner’s wrists. They are rigid, ill fitting and can dig into the wrists to damage nerves and bones.Never, ever, use handcuffs to suspend someone by the wrists. Well fitting, padded, leather cuffs are far better for BDSM games. And make sure they do fit well; even the edge of a loose leather cuff can dig in to cause temporary nerve damage.
      6. Provide adequate support
        I don’t mean counselling. Time and time again I see tales (hopefully fantasy) something like the following:
        The woman is standing in the centre of the room. She is nude, with her wrists cuffed behind her. Her nipple rings are tied to a rope leading up to a pully. Her captor tightens the rope, forcing the woman up onto her toes. Now the whipping can begin ….
        The man is standing in the centre of the room. He is nude, with his wrists cuffed behind him. A rope has been tied round his testicles and up to a hook in the ceiling. His captor tells him she will be back in two or three hours or so ….
        So the woman looses her balance, or the man happens to faint with fatigue. There is no backup safety harness. Hospital time.
        Once again, this is part of risk assessment and common sense. For any bondage position, just imagine the captive losing balance or fainting (however unlikely this is). What will happen? Is his/her body supported against injury?
      7. Not everyone has the same physique
        Some people are incredibly supple. They can be tied into contorted positions without harm. Don’t assume that everyone else is the same. Some can can be tied with their elbows actually touching behind their backs, but for most of us this is liable to cause real damage. Even quite standard positions can be difficult for people who have, for example, weak shoulders or weak ankles. Here again is the importance of communication and safewords. Good physical fitness is an advantage.
      8. Watch that breathing
        Be aware that some positions put pressure or tension on the chest, innocuous at first, but making breathing more difficult as the subject tires. “Standard” bondage positions that pose this risk include the hogtie, with the subject lying on his/her front, and suspension with the arms apart. (Note that any extended suspension can cause joint damage in any case). Here is as good a reason as any for following the “rule” about not leaving someone alone in bondage.

All this makes BDSM sound excessively dangerous. But only if people do not give thought to what they are doing. Playing most sports is far more risky and injuries are much more likely to be serious. But at least the sharing of safety information and experience in sporting circles is easier. Raids on sports clubs and seizure of informative literature and videos is inherently less likely, and I still await the case of a rugby player being tackled, suffering a dislocated shoulder, and then being prosecuted for “aiding and abetting an assault on himself”.


BDSM BDSM Advice Pain & Torture

Stinging Nettles BDSM

Stinging Nettles – Perfect Plant for BDSM Play

Stinging Nettles are mostly tall herbaceous plants (i.e. they die down in the winter), botanically in the genus Urtica. The best known is the Common Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica), which is widespread in Europe and North America. Nettles are notable for their stinging hairs, which may be more or less confined to the stems, or clothe much of the entire plant. The flowers are minute and usually green, held together in hanging tassels or bunches. The plants sting on contact and the hairs can penetrate light clothing.

aACH_5869 aACH_5877 aACH_5879 aACH_5893

Pictures of Stinging nettles BDSM play by Shadow Slaves

Depending on individual opinion there are some 50 to 100 species of Stinging Nettle in the world. The Common Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) is the best known species in Europe and current opinion is that most native American nettles also belong to this species, though they differ in various ways from the European plant.

Related also are shrubs such as Urera in Africa, Laportea, of Africa and Australia, and the fearsome Stinging Trees (Dendrocnide) of Australia, S.E. Asia and the Pacific islands. The nettles are a worldwide group, nuisances to gardeners, foresters and unwary ramblers, painful components of African tribal initiation rites and, for us, a valuable contribution to our arsenal for consensual BDSM.

aACH_5894 aACH_5895 aACH_5899 aACH_5900

How do they sting?

The hairs are like miniature hypodermic needles, approximately 2mm long in the Common Stinging Nettle. The walls of the hairs are composed of silica, i.e. natural glass, and contact breaks the fragile tip of the hair. The hair is sharp enough to push into the skin, while at the same time, the venom, stored under pressure in the expanded base, travels up the hair and is injected into the skin through the broken tip. Hairs tend to be grouped together so a stung person will develop a localised rash of small, raised bumps.

aACH_5903 aACH_5904 aACH_5943 aACH_5954

Nettles in BDSM

Seriously, the point is rather laboured in this FAQ, but common sense does apply. Find out beforehand if the recipient knows if he/she has any unusual reaction. If he/she does not know, go carefully in the first session. Stay well within the recipient’s limits. Both top and bottom should be ready to stop the scene if there is any evidence of an unusual response. If there is no adverse reaction during or following a session, then subsequent sessions can be less inhibited, if so desired.

What is the value of nettles in BDSM?
Nettles can be used both in active and in passive play.

By active play I refer to the top actively using nettles as an instrument of erotic torment. Nettles are best used in a gentle stroking or dabbing action, which will cause those stinging hairs that come into contact with the recipient’s skin to work their effect, without damaging the remaining hairs. The number of hairs is, of course, finite, so a single stem will lose its effectiveness with use. Depending on the type and origin of the nettles (see earlier details), the top will want to ensure that the hairs on the stem as well as the leaves are used.
Taller stems can also be used as a gentle whip. The stems are tough and fibrous and will last for a while in this mode. They are light enough to be used with little inhibition, though the rough stem surfaces can cause very minor surface cuts and abrasions. Floggings with nettles in this way has a history of use for ‘inflaming the passions’ – there is some basis for this (see below). It is actually quite, um, exhilarating. The stings may be less effective when nettles are used in this mode, through the tips of the shoots may sting while “wrapping round” causing areas of greater inflammation along the sides of the body (an effect that may be either desired or avoided).
Doubled up, the stems have enough weight to start being effective on sensitive areas such as the testicles.

Leaves or pieces of nettle may also be inserted into the recipient’s clothing, though any effect will tend to be transient.

By passive play I refer to the useful fact that nettles can be effective by just being there. Once set up, no action is required from the top, it is up to the sub (recipient) to avoid the nettles.
For example, nettles can be used to limit the sub’s movement. Pots or vases of nettles can be so placed that the sub cannot move without being stung, perhaps as part of a conventional whipping scene, or simply to create a form of “bondage” without restraints. Nettles could, for example, be placed between a standing sub’s parted legs and just in front of the genitals and just behind the buttocks. Crueller scenarios might involve the sub not moving to avoid being stung more.

The tough stems of nettles can be strung together, so it is also possible to make a skirt or garland for the sub, one that would discourage unnecessary movement.

Other games might involve a blindfolded sub being required to carry out tasks, with vases of nettles forming part of an obstacle course. It should be obvious that any pots or containers used for such games should be shatterproof, and that water will cause neither danger nor damage if a vase is knocked over.

The assumption here is that the nettles are brought to the recipient. The alternative is possible. A woodland walk with a naked, blindfolded sub could be interesting. However, encounters could be a little surprising to early morning dog walkers or families out to enjoy the more conventional sights of the countryside, so to avoid court action and starring rôles in local newspapers, this is an idea perhaps better left to owners of private estates (who probably do this all the time anyway).

aACH_5955 aACH_5987 aACH_5990 aACH_5996

How should the top handle nettles?
With care. Leather or heavy rubber gloves are recommended, even though there are few hairs at the base of the stem where the top is likely to be holding the plant. The hairs are sharp enough to penetrate cotton or thin latex gloves, which presumably means they can also penetrate condoms.

It is often said that someone can hold a stem with their bare hand without being stung if they grip it firmly enough, the theory being that the hairs are broken before they can penetrate the skin. As can be told from the fixed expressions on faces of people demonstrating this, it tends not to work.

I have found them disappointing. Why could that be?
The venom is held in the hairs under pressure, so that it can be injected into the skin when the tip of the hair is broken. If pressure (“turgor”) falls within the plant, the stinging hairs become less effective. Nettles should be as fresh as possible, or if picked sometime beforehand, should be kept in a vase of cold water. They start to lose their effect in a warm room or in contact with a warm body (so leaves pushed into undergarments may not work as well as expected). Remember also that the number of hairs on a plant is limited and each will only work once. The freshest nettle is one that is still growing (e.g. in a plant pot, kept well watered).

What parts of the body are suitable for “treatment”?
In principle, almost anywhere. Keep away from the face of course, but apart from that it depends on the sensitivity and tolerance of the recipient. The mucous membranes (e.g. tip of the penis, vaginal area, anus) are the most sensitive and are best avoided until it is known that the recipient will suffer no unwanted after effects.


BDSM Bondage Pain & Torture

Amateur Slave Girl Punished

Amateur slave girl punished in the dungeon. The leather master has his submissive in a bondage sling. Laid out for punishment. The slaveslut is tormented at from a hardcore master.

The slave slut is tortured using sex toys, fisted whilst helplessly tied and hot waxed on her tits and tummy. The blindfolded slavegirl is tied in the bondage sling and sexually used during her fierce bdsm session.

aNZ 9904 0001 aNZ9170_449032 aNZ9170_449030 aNZ9170_449029 aNZ9170_449028 aNZ9170_449027 aNZ9170_449022 aNZ9170_449016 aNZ9170_449012 aNZ9170_449007 aNZ9170_449002 aNZ 9904 0007 aNZ 9904 0006 aNZ 9904 0003

BDSM BDSM Advice Bondage

Classic Slavesex Films

Everyone who enjoyed BDSM back in the 1980s and 1990s probably remember the two big brands in sadomasochistic film making: Pain and Slavesex. Both were long series that started out as terribly low quality vhs films with amateurs filming in what was seemingly their private dungeons and homes.

From the early period a name like Anita Fuller probably still rings a bell with many. Anita Fuller starred in many a Slavesex bdsm film and often took the hardest of punishments whilst other releases were decidedly lighter

slavesex_6-4_tmb 3 (1) 8e52e808e43b07471d802bff33fcc1a9

slavesex_4-4_tmb 1380839379.21893 slave_sex_8-4_tmb

Those with a historic mind probably remember the vidcaps from early Slavesex films above. Mostly German BDSM but the occational english or other language film were found in the Pain and Slavesex series.

Later on as the market for VHS was taken over by DVDs and the internet started coming to life, the Pain and Slavesex series started losing their market leader statuses. However, new releases still came out, the fame of the modern age went to new doms from renowned websites such as Hogtied, Insex and – with the prolific doms of those websites and their BDSM feature films being Peter, PD and Magick.

slavesex_86 slavesex_118 slave_sex_115

You still occasionally run into a Slavesex dvd in your local porn shop or online, however they no longer define the genre – and indeed theyre no longer household names in BDSM circles. In that sense time has just outrun them I guess, but its still very much worthwhile digging up old editions of the classic vintage Slavesex films and Pain movies if you can find them. Theyre sometimes for sale cheap on vhs online, but otherwise it probably takes a kinky secondhand shop do dig them up.

BDSM BDSM Advice Bondage

Slave Rules & Commands

Slave rules and commands can be used by individuals and couples to enhance and expand their SMBD experience. Remember these are just one persons list of rules, any and all of which can be modified or deleted to fit your own personal style of play.


1. Slave will be nude at all times, except as maybe needed for medical reasons.

2. Slave bells will be worn at all times. The location of the bells is at the masters discretion.

3. Collars will be worn denoting ownership of all slaves. The master can design the collars to contain his identification symbol.

4. Morning Procedure:

A. Rise when stall/bedroom alarm sounds.
B. Bath – Hair – Exercise.
C. Make-up

5. Slaves will share housework to insure that the Master’s house is always clean, neat and tidy. Duties will be assigned by The Master.

6. The Master’s bedroom is for him alone. Permission to sleep there will be given by him.

7. Each slave, on her knees, will speak her status each morning to The Master or his representative. The Spoken word being “Master, I am your slave and your property. You are my Master and Owner, thus you may use or sell your property as you desire.”

8. Slave’s attitude will always, even in private, be one of respect toward The Master and reflect his pride of ownership. Your sale could result from failure.

9. Slaves will not handle funds, except as directed and approved by The Master.

10. All slaves will obtain ideal weight and shape as quickly as possible. Once perfection is achieved, a waist chain maybe welded on to ensure that they remain so.

11. By the wishes of The Master a slave may express a valid truthful reason for her non-fulfillment of a task. A Command prohibits excuses.

12. Whichever slave, if any, which sleeps with The Master will bring his morning coffee.

13. Slaves legs are never to be crossed. Always keep them slightly apart.

14. Each slave will learn these rules and the basic Commands so they can execute them immediately without instruction.

15. A slave will never directly look at a master. When approached slaves will kneel, spread her knees apart, lower her head, and rest her hands, palm up on each knee.

aIMG_4476 aIMG_4481 aIMG_4493 aIMG_4497

Although each master may establish preset commands for his slave or slaves there are certain commands that all slaves should learn. All commands include the ‘silence” Command. You can use these commands to help make your sessions at The Chateau more interesting. They can also be used to add a little “spice” to your next party, that is if you have an “exhibitionist” in the group who is willing to play a “game”. They can also be used at home, office, or wherever you wish to use them with a “consenting adult” and as previously stated are used by the staff of Scaife Island Resort.

SILENCE: Lower the eyes and remain silent.

PRESENT: Remain standing or kneeling. Face the person issuing the order, remove any clothing, and cross your wrists behind your back.

RESTRICT: Cross your wrists behind your back.

SERVICE: Observe the command “present” and give the person indicated by your master or your master oral service. (Note this command can not be used in The Chateau and is only recommended for couples who only have sexual relations with each other. in other gatherings the addition of “safe sex” is necessary)

REST: Sit on your heels, legs wide apart and rest your hands (palms up) on your legs.

SUBMIT: Sit on your heels and then move forward until your head touches the ground or floor. Place your arms over your head on the ground or floor with the palms up and wrists crossed.

EXPOSE or GOREAN SUBMIT: Sit on your heels and then bend backward resting your back on the ground or floor. Keep your legs wide apart and place your arms over your head on the or floor with the wrists crossed.

RESUME: Cancels any command previously given or any position assumed.



1. The state of one who is bound as a slave.
2. A state of subjection to a force, power, or influence.
3. The practice of being physically restrained, as with cords or handcuffs, as a means of attaining sexual gratification.

100309 100317 100345 100348
Bondage is mainly tying people up (or being tied up). Ropes, chains, straps, straightjackets and other equipment is used to perform this fabulous procedure. We have all of it. Whether you enjoy looking at the images and viewing videos, or you love being tied up we give you access to one of the best bondage sites on the Net.

BDSM Bizarre Humiliation Lezdom

Amber West Female Domination

Sexy submissive Amber West in female domination by sensual dominatrix Jay. Ambers tender tits are pegged, clamps are put on her pussy lips and candle wax is dripped on her pained skin at the Shadow Slaves dungeon.

The mistress adds facial pain and kinky humiliation by applying clamps to Ambers nose and lips.

aamber028 aamber030 aamber031 aamber051 aamber058 aamber062 aamber063 aamber066

BDSM Bondage Humiliation

Melanie Moons Rough BDSM


German slavegirl Melanie Moons electro bdsm and zapped electric toy tortures of tied submissive in bondage and screaming pain at Busty german slave Melanie Moons tounge tied tit torture and rough hardcore domination sex of bound blonde bondage babe in interracial pussy licking and nipple clamped pain

melaniemoon01 melaniemoon02 melaniemoon03 melaniemoon04 melaniemoon05 melaniemoon06


See the full length videos of Melanie Moon in rough bdsm at Shadow Slaves dungeons



BDSM Bondage Humiliation

Japanese sex slave

My name is Marikyo, I am a Japanese sex slave. I live in my Master’s house with three other Japanese slave bitches in heat and we are all very close as we often are chained to each other and forced to pleasure each other. Master also has a girlfriend who is our Mistress and we must obey her commands. My role in the house is the dog. I must always be on all fours, so balls have been locked to my feet so that I can not walk upright ever.

arestraint0007 arestraint0147 arestraint0052 arestraint0067 arestraint0071 arestraint0076 arestraint0109 arestraint0110

All photos of asian bondage kindly provided by Shadow Slaves

I am always in a collar and kept on a leash, and I am not allowed to eat from a plate like a normal person, I am only allowed to eat and drink from dog bowls on the kitchen floor like the naughty little puppy that I am. I am always kept nude with a plug in my tight little ass that has a tail connected to it. My Master had a catheter installed in me as well, so now I may only pee and poop on command, which is usually out in the backyard.

aaACH_2471 aaACH_2490 aaACH_2505 aaACH_2530 aaACH_2542 aaACH_2557 aaACH_2622 aaACH_2637
Also as the sex dog in chains, I must obviously lick up any food that drops to the floor during dinner, and of course like the other slave whores, I must follow all commands to pleasure anyone that I am ordered to, or when I am a good little dog bitch in heat, to be pleasured. This condition I live it keeps me constantly in heat, with creamy tangy juices always dripping from my hot little pussy and down my smooth firm thighs.

BDSM Bondage

BDSM glossary

BDSM glossary

BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism) for BDSM’s. Informative site about BDSM. No BDSM images, but BDSM stories, BDSM education, BDSM personals, BDSM FAQs, glossary and BDSM BDSM group. Here are the answers to the BDSM questions that you’ve always had (in the BDSM FAQ). Is your question not in the BDSM BDSM FAQ? Imagine BDSM question than it appears in the BDSM FAQ.

Slave Girls

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Are you a slave? Then for you too. Read the BDSM FAQ for explanations about everything a slave has always occupied. Looking like a slave master? Or would you prefer as a slave mistress? Or would you like another slave slave to talk to?

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Are you a slave? Then for you too. Read the BDSM FAQ for explanations about everything a slave has always occupied. Looking like a slave master? Or would you prefer as a slave mistress? Or are you looking for a slave another slave to talk to?

sub, subs, subbies, subje, subjes

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Are you a sub? Then for you too. Read the BDSM FAQ for an explanation about anything you like sub has always occupied. Looking like a sub master? Or would you prefer as a sub Mistress? Or would you like another sub sub to talk to?

bottom, bottoms, bottom, bottoms

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Are you a bottom? Then for you too. Read the BDSM FAQ for explanations about everything you as a bottom has always occupied. Looking bottom as a Master? Or would you prefer to bottom as a mistress? Or would you like another bottom bottom to talk to?


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Are you a master? Then for you too. Read the BDSM FAQ for an explanation about anything you like master always kept busy. Looking like a slave master? Or would you prefer as a slave master? Or would you like another master master to talk to?


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Are you a mistress? Then for you too. Read the BDSM FAQ for an explanation about anything you like Mistress always occupied. Looking like a slave mistress? Or would you prefer a slave as Mistress? Or would you like another Mistress Mistress to talk to?

top, tops

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Are you a top? Then for you too. Read the BDSM FAQ for explanations about everything a top always occupied. Find your top as a slave? Or would you prefer as a top a slave? Or would you like another summit summit to talk to?

judgment, judgment

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Are you stupid? Then for you too. Read the BDSM FAQ for an explanation about anything you like stupid always occupied. Looking like a stupid slave? Or would you rather stupid as a slave? Or would you like another stupid stupid to talk to?


bondage, bind, rope, rope, chain, chains, buoy, buoys

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