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BDSM Pain & Torture Spanking Whipping

BDSM Review – Experiment from Elite Pain

Our friends has a fresh BDSMFiles Elitepain Review of the new Hungarian torture porn release Experiment featuring four beautiful prisoners sent for punishment in front of an eager audience that actually votes on the lashes the girls are to endure.

A highly entertaining and hard new spanking movie from Elite Pain with elements of dominance, humiliation and bondage for the screaming, crying and suffering slavegirls as they endure severely harsh whippings

Spanking Video Review

BDSM Files seem to think this new release from Elite Pain is gonna be a hit. And with 200 hard lashes. 4 great girls. Public whipping punishments and more besides its hard to disagree. It looks very promising indeed.

You can watch the trailer, see the bdsm photos and read the spanking review at BDSM Files


BDSM Bondage Pain & Torture

German Slaves BDSM

Blonde German bombshell of a bondage babe Melanie Moon tied spreadeagle in the dungeon at for a fierce hellpain whipping and humiliating bdsm session driving her through hell and back in pure suffering.


The screaming and drooling german slave is spanked, tit tortured and punished in this full length BDSM film from with Melanie Moon in pain

Pain & Torture Whipping

Wheel of Pain 12 – BDSM Game Show

We all love hanging out with game shows on tv. Reality TV never gets old. It looks real and we can follow the ups and downs of the participants in these constructed realities. In Wheel of Pain 12 we are hitting on nothing less than a BDSM Game Show. Each edition of this cruel reality series from Elite Pain features a new girl exposed to intense punishments based on the spinning of the wheel of pain. Read the full review of Wheel of Pain 12 at

Hungarian Slave Girl Linda

In the 12th edition of Wheel of Pain we meet a new Hungarian slave girl called Linda. She is young. Blonde. Fearful. And ready to spin the wheel. As it happens she draws herself around half an hour of quite extreme whipping. Her ass is bruised and glowing red. Her firm tits are whipped. Striped. Welted. Indeed her entire front is covered in bruises and welts.

We get to see the wheel of pain dishing out sufficient punishments to leave slave girl Linda crying, screaming, begging and suffering. But she endures. With a stoic determination. See the full length movie at Elite Pain

wheel-of-pain-12-elite-pain-movie thumbnail 33 wheel-of-pain-12-elite-pain-movie thumbnail 32 wheel-of-pain-12-elite-pain-movie thumbnail 31 wheel-of-pain-12-elite-pain-movie thumbnail 30 wheel-of-pain-12-elite-pain-movie thumbnail 28 wheel-of-pain-12-elite-pain-movie thumbnail 27 wheel-of-pain-12-elite-pain-movie thumbnail 26 wheel-of-pain-12-elite-pain-movie thumbnail 25 wheel-of-pain-12-elite-pain-movie thumbnail 24 wheel-of-pain-12-elite-pain-movie thumbnail 23 wheel-of-pain-12-elite-pain-movie thumbnail 21 wheel-of-pain-12-elite-pain-movie thumbnail 19 wheel-of-pain-12-elite-pain-movie thumbnail 17 wheel-of-pain-12-elite-pain-movie thumbnail 11 wheel-of-pain-12-elite-pain-movie thumbnail 12 wheel-of-pain-12-elite-pain-movie thumbnail 13

BDSM Game Show

As a BDSM Game Show the Wheel of Pain series is relatively limited in its plot. The wheel spins. The punishment is given. The wheel spins again. All the tortures are similar in nature, usually almost exclusively impact play. And there is an obvious lack of flow to the movie as it is in fact a series of short clips glued together, or so it feels.

That does not change that this movie ranks high among whipping films. The scenes with Linda tied to the punishment bench for a back and ass beating are excellent. She suffers delightfully and the action is hard. A bit more creativity and flow in the plot would make for more interesting viewing though.

See the full length movie at Elite Pain

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Read the full review of Wheel of Pain 12 at BDSMFiles

Bondage Pain & Torture

Bondage Babe Suffering

Bondage Babe Suffering with amateur slave Lexy in hardcore fetish session at The Pain Files. The sub is tied to a cross, spanked and clamped, whipped and humiliated by her relentless master of pain


BDSM Pain & Torture Whipping

History of Pain 2: Inquisition

In the first installment of ElitePain’s “History of Pain” documentary-style film series, we were introduced to the techniques of military interrogation, which included sleep deprivation, waterboarding, electric shock, bareback whipping, and psychological trauma. That initial chapter proved to be ElitePain’s best seller for the year, motivating them to do a follow-on sequel, History of Pain 2: Inquisition, this time focusing on the Inquisition. Get the full length movie at


If we review the history of mankind, we see how interrogation methods and the moral acceptance of inflicting pain have changed from era to era. In contrast with the generally accepted present-day values which prefer long-term incarceration — painful interrogations were completely acceptable in the Middle Ages, particularly within the Catholic Church. Movie by

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In the episode of our series we are going to look at the dark methods of the Inquisition. Get the movie at

BDSM Pain & Torture

New Brutal BDSM Instructions

A new brutal BDSM instructional video from Elite Pain is out. It features guidance on using the whip on the bare back and the cane on the bare bottom. Both are thoroughly shown by testing them to the extreme on female slaves in the Hungarian BDSM dungeon.

Obviously. These are more punishments than instruction. The guidance bit is more of a frame than a reality. But you get a good glimpse of hardcore edge play, Easter European caning practices and spanking of the hardest kinds.

punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 21 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 14 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 17 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 18

You can see more about the ElitePain Punishment Methology 1 film at with plenty of cruel spanking photos, whipping videos and more from the Hungarian caning studio of Elite Pain.


BDSM Pain & Torture

Two amateur slaves in BDSM

Two amateur slaves nipples clamped and tormented to tears in hard double domination bdsm session for blonde sub Angel and bbw painslut Andrea. Two amateur slaves in BDSM and fierce tit torture. The punishments are cruel at Shadow Slaves – BDSM Films and the two mature submissives are tormented to tears. Nipple torture, clothespegs whipped off their tits and several more!


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See the full length amateur BDSM video at Shadow Slaves featuring blonde slave Angel and bbw painslut Andrea.

Pain & Torture Spanking

New Elitepain Release – Wheel of Pain 11

New cruel spanking release from the masters of whipping, torture and caning – Elitepain. The new movie features a Hungarian slave girl called Helen. An average blonde who has to spin the infamous Wheel of Pain in part11 of this neverending punishment show.

Read a full feature on Elite Pain – Wheel of Pain 11 Video over at Amateurs BDSM with plenty of footage, movie clip and information on the suffering at the command of the evil wheel.

wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video15 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video13 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video12 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video11 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video9 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video8 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video7 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video6 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video5 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video4 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video3 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video2

See more about getting the full length movie at Elite Pain – Wheel of Pain 11 Video

BDSM BDSM Advice Pain & Torture

Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissives

Are you curious about a BDSM different life-style? In that case, many individuals might imagine that you’re a bit different; and there’s nothing flawed with this. When it comes all the way down to it, a BDSM alternative way of life is one thing that lots of people get entangled with. Even in case you are undecided of what that is all about, there are many methods that you could be taught.

Typically talking, the BDSM different way of life isn’t what it looks like on the floor. It is a legitimate way of life, and for many individuals, that is how they select to dwell their life. If you’re desirous about shifting on this path, you could need to be taught extra about what’s concerned earlier than you truly transfer ahead.

Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive photos by

Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive

Alternative BDSM Lifestyle

Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive. Do you know that abuse is just not widespread with one of these life-style? This is without doubt one of the most typical misconceptions a couple of BDSM different way of life, and one which needs to be dispelled sooner fairly than later. All in all, a BDSM various life-style has nothing to do with abuse, and usually if this occurs, it’s nothing greater than a unprecedented prevalence.

There may be a whole lot of data on-line for anyone who’s concerned with a BDSM various life-style. Not solely is that this nice data in case you are already residing this manner, however the identical factor holds true if you’re fascinated by getting concerned. Make it possible for if you end up studying a couple of BDSM various way of life that you simply solely absorb the information. In spite of everything, you do not need to imagine the numerous myths which are on the market.

Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive

Total, a BDSM various way of life just isn’t as unhealthy as many individuals make it out to be. There may be normally no abuse, and people who find themselves on this life achieve this with out being pressured into it. In case you assume that a BDSM different way of life is best for you, check out among the info that’s obtainable on-line.

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BDSM Bondage Pain & Torture

Dommes Amateur BDSM

Lesbian dommes amateur BDSM and pussy torture of a mature female slave girl at The Pain Files featuring hard metal clamps on labia, backside whipping, candle wax punishment and wooden horse bondage.

The mature female submissive has to hold position with her arms behind her head as her bare bottom is spanked with a leather whip and back whipped. Extreme garage-style metal clamps are put on her pussy lips. The mature masochist is put on the wooden horse, digging up into her private parts.

Cruel amateur BDSM and private play room of lesbian sadomasochist at Exclusive BDSM Films

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Private Amateur BDSM

Lesbian Amateur BDSM in a private playroom featuring whipping, wooden horse bondage and metal clamps at The Pain Files with a seasoned submissive punished by her blonde female domme using candles, bondage devices and leather whips.