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Pain & Torture Spanking

New Elitepain Release – Wheel of Pain 11

New cruel spanking release from the masters of whipping, torture and caning – Elitepain. The new movie features a Hungarian slave girl called Helen. An average blonde who has to spin the infamous Wheel of Pain in part11 of this neverending punishment show.

Read a full feature on Elite Pain – Wheel of Pain 11 Video over at Amateurs BDSM with plenty of footage, movie clip and information on the suffering at the command of the evil wheel.

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See more about getting the full length movie at Elite Pain – Wheel of Pain 11 Video

BDSM Pain & Torture

Extreme BDSM – Initiation Procedure

They have to endure this flogging out of a single movement They have to not move even if the flagellate unintentionally hits their snatches… and this ‘accident’ happens quite frequently… Full Movie is available at Elite Pain

initiation_35 initiation_34 initiation_33 initiation_32 initiation_24 initiation_22 initiation_21 initiation_18

Two ladies apply for a Job at the secret sect as Dr Lomp’s female guards. Before they get hired, they must complete a training and go through a very painful initiation procedure, which includes for example a one hundred strokes whipping. They have to endure this whipping without a single movement They must not move even if the whip accidentally hits their pussies… and this ‘accident’ happens quite frequently…

initiation_17 initiation_16 initiation_14 initiation_13 initiation_12 initiation_11 initiation_08 initiation_07 initiation_06 initiation_05 initiation_04 initiation_03 initiation_02 initiation_01


Severe femsub sessions with dr lomp from the elite club series. A cruel and painful game show in the magnificent Elite Pain dvd releases series including best torture scenes, single-tail, crops, cat’o’nine, etc. Full movie can be obtained at Elite Pain