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BDSM Pain & Torture Spanking Whipping

BDSM Review – Experiment from Elite Pain

Our friends has a fresh BDSMFiles Elitepain Review of the new Hungarian torture porn release Experiment featuring four beautiful prisoners sent for punishment in front of an eager audience that actually votes on the lashes the girls are to endure.

A highly entertaining and hard new spanking movie from Elite Pain with elements of dominance, humiliation and bondage for the screaming, crying and suffering slavegirls as they endure severely harsh whippings

Spanking Video Review

BDSM Files seem to think this new release from Elite Pain is gonna be a hit. And with 200 hard lashes. 4 great girls. Public whipping punishments and more besides its hard to disagree. It looks very promising indeed.

You can watch the trailer, see the bdsm photos and read the spanking review at BDSM Files


Pain & Torture Whipping

Wheel of Pain 12 – BDSM Game Show

We all love hanging out with game shows on tv. Reality TV never gets old. It looks real and we can follow the ups and downs of the participants in these constructed realities. In Wheel of Pain 12 we are hitting on nothing less than a BDSM Game Show. Each edition of this cruel reality series from Elite Pain features a new girl exposed to intense punishments based on the spinning of the wheel of pain. Read the full review of Wheel of Pain 12 at BDSMFiles.com

Hungarian Slave Girl Linda

In the 12th edition of Wheel of Pain we meet a new Hungarian slave girl called Linda. She is young. Blonde. Fearful. And ready to spin the wheel. As it happens she draws herself around half an hour of quite extreme whipping. Her ass is bruised and glowing red. Her firm tits are whipped. Striped. Welted. Indeed her entire front is covered in bruises and welts.

We get to see the wheel of pain dishing out sufficient punishments to leave slave girl Linda crying, screaming, begging and suffering. But she endures. With a stoic determination. See the full length movie at Elite Pain

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BDSM Game Show

As a BDSM Game Show the Wheel of Pain series is relatively limited in its plot. The wheel spins. The punishment is given. The wheel spins again. All the tortures are similar in nature, usually almost exclusively impact play. And there is an obvious lack of flow to the movie as it is in fact a series of short clips glued together, or so it feels.

That does not change that this movie ranks high among whipping films. The scenes with Linda tied to the punishment bench for a back and ass beating are excellent. She suffers delightfully and the action is hard. A bit more creativity and flow in the plot would make for more interesting viewing though.

See the full length movie at Elite Pain

[KGVID height=”365″]http://www.inbdsm.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/wheel-of-pain-12-elite-pain-movie.mp4[/KGVID]

Read the full review of Wheel of Pain 12 at BDSMFiles

BDSM Pain & Torture

History of Pain – Spy Interrogation

Military interrogation methods incl. Whipping enjoy this cool video This hot by a woman needs to dig her true sexuality fulfill all your wildest desires. Pleasure and pain two sides of the same coin as this slave finds out at Elite Pain.


History of Pain – Spy Interrogation – Full Length Movie at Elite Pain

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For thousands or years people have been inflicted pain by those who have the power and find pleasure in it or simply strive to achieve their goals by causing pain. Different methods were used to achieve this pain in different eras and situations. In this first episode we will examine the unofficial methods of spy interrogations.

Get the full movie at Elite Pain

BDSM Pain & Torture

Extreme BDSM – Initiation Procedure

They have to endure this flogging out of a single movement They have to not move even if the flagellate unintentionally hits their snatches… and this ‘accident’ happens quite frequently… Full Movie is available at Elite Pain

initiation_35 initiation_34 initiation_33 initiation_32 initiation_24 initiation_22 initiation_21 initiation_18

Two ladies apply for a Job at the secret sect as Dr Lomp’s female guards. Before they get hired, they must complete a training and go through a very painful initiation procedure, which includes for example a one hundred strokes whipping. They have to endure this whipping without a single movement They must not move even if the whip accidentally hits their pussies… and this ‘accident’ happens quite frequently…

initiation_17 initiation_16 initiation_14 initiation_13 initiation_12 initiation_11 initiation_08 initiation_07 initiation_06 initiation_05 initiation_04 initiation_03 initiation_02 initiation_01


Severe femsub sessions with dr lomp from the elite club series. A cruel and painful game show in the magnificent Elite Pain dvd releases series including best torture scenes, single-tail, crops, cat’o’nine, etc. Full movie can be obtained at Elite Pain