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BDSM Pain & Torture Whipping

History of Pain 2: Inquisition

In the first installment of ElitePain’s “History of Pain” documentary-style film series, we were introduced to the techniques of military interrogation, which included sleep deprivation, waterboarding, electric shock, bareback whipping, and psychological trauma. That initial chapter proved to be ElitePain’s best seller for the year, motivating them to do a follow-on sequel, History of Pain 2: Inquisition, this time focusing on the Inquisition. Get the full length movie at Elitepain.com


If we review the history of mankind, we see how interrogation methods and the moral acceptance of inflicting pain have changed from era to era. In contrast with the generally accepted present-day values which prefer long-term incarceration — painful interrogations were completely acceptable in the Middle Ages, particularly within the Catholic Church. Movie by Elitepain.com

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In the episode of our series we are going to look at the dark methods of the Inquisition. Get the movie at Elitepain.com

BDSM Pain & Torture

History of Pain – Spy Interrogation

Military interrogation methods incl. Whipping enjoy this cool video This hot by a woman needs to dig her true sexuality fulfill all your wildest desires. Pleasure and pain two sides of the same coin as this slave finds out at Elite Pain.


History of Pain – Spy Interrogation – Full Length Movie at Elite Pain

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For thousands or years people have been inflicted pain by those who have the power and find pleasure in it or simply strive to achieve their goals by causing pain. Different methods were used to achieve this pain in different eras and situations. In this first episode we will examine the unofficial methods of spy interrogations.

Get the full movie at Elite Pain