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BDSM Bizarre Humiliation

Slavegirl on her knees

Young slavegirl was aware that she made a lot of mistakes that week and she was afraid of cruel punishment. So she decided to wait for Master on her knees begging for a not too rough punishment. Did Master have mercy? Click on a photo to find out.

BDSM Bizarre Humiliation Pain & Torture

Humiliated girlfriend

She wasn’t allowed to walk on any other way but only as a bitch on all four. Completely humiliated and disgraced, she felt under his total control. A lot more happened in this scene so be sure to click on a photo to see the rest.

BDSM Bondage Humiliation

Female slave bound naked and ready to be used

The training of this blond female slave took a long time to make her completely disciplined and obedient. With the expertise in young slave training, Master was pleased with the result. If you like young female slaves trained and punished, be sure to click on the photo above.