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BDSM Pain & Torture

Two amateur slaves in BDSM

Two amateur slaves nipples clamped and tormented to tears in hard double domination bdsm session for blonde sub Angel and bbw painslut Andrea. Two amateur slaves in BDSM and fierce tit torture. The punishments are cruel at Shadow Slaves – BDSM Films and the two mature submissives are tormented to tears. Nipple torture, clothespegs whipped off their tits and several more!


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See the full length amateur BDSM video at Shadow Slaves featuring blonde slave Angel and bbw painslut Andrea.

BDSM Bondage Pain & Torture

Mature Masochist Ginas Needle BDSM

Mature needle bdsm and extreme play piercing torture of screaming masochist painslut in hardcore submissive suffering. Needles through nipples and tortured pussy lips of busty Gina in severe masochist torture in the dungeon. Merciless needle pain and outragious pussy lip piercing using hypodermic bdsm needles to torment the busty slave slut Gina at www.ThePainFiles.com.

Ginas mature needle torture at www.ThePainFiles.com and extreme bdsm movies of amateur painslut in hardcore piercing pain. Ginas labia is pierced and tortured with hypodermic needles as the mature english slaveslut screams out in agony, fear and severe pain.

Pussy torture and needle pain of busty uk slavegirl Gina and Beauvoir in screaming piercing torments and hardcore bdsm with pussylip punishments and play piercing tortures. The amateur slave girl screams in agony as her pussy lips are pierced painfully by hypodermic needles.

Hypodermic needles are sterile, sharp and used for medical purposes normally. However, in the dungeon they become tools of torture for the slavegirls when in the hands of sadists. The thicker the needle and the slower it is inserted, the more pain it causes. No efforts are made to make it hurt any less for todays two painsluts on the torture tables in the dungeon – see more at at www.ThePainFiles.com.