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BDSM Bizarre Bondage Humiliation Pain & Torture

BDSM Rigging Interview

Introducing Magick, rigger of I am dominant and sadistic

In addition to my immediate household, I have a UK based sub (the old punk rocker in me appreciates UK Subs) and am free to play with other people, so I’m not really seeking any other serious relationships.
mei mara bondage
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I am, however, a bit of a play slut, so feel free to ask if you’re interested, but I don’t really do ‘on-line’ or fantasy/rĂ´le play.

Vegetarian, libertarian, Discordian, pacifist and Pro (producer/rigger/photographer/videographer/editor/designer). I produce SM and public nudity erotica/pornography.

I make regular business trips to the UK to shoot, so I’m particularly interested in getting to know people from the UK or the Costa Blanca in Spain

I’m not a virtual ‘friend collector’, but since there is no ‘follow’ option here I will accept add requests from people who just want to keep track of my photo posting. I actually know about a quarter of my friends list here real life. I do not post anything as ‘friends only’ so you don’t need to friend me to see more.

Music and BDSM are my life, but I also love reading (anything!), and am especially interested in theoretical physics, comparative religion, global politics and human psychology, as well as more or less any kind of fiction. I don’t watch TV, but I like movies, especially if they have a complex storyline or a psychological element. I do dig comedy and superheroes too though.

Oh, and I’m a human being, not a cabbage or something.

pixie cage bondage


I’m never really sure what to put on profiles, so if you have any questions just PM me – happy to talk about anything. If something gets asked more than once and isn’t super personal, I’ll post it here.

Do you speak Spanish?

I’m a British ex-pat, with unfortunately poor Spanish, but trying hard to improve.

Do you swing?

I like to play, and have no issue with play being sexual, but I’m not really a swinger.

Can I borrow your sub?

We do play with others, but very much on our own terms. I’m not interested in just lending (or hiring!) out my partners. If you want to play, talk to us, get to know us, and please respect how we do things.

What sites are you rigging on?

You can me on and mainly