Goddess Kyaa cum eating humiliation

Cum eating humiliation with Goddess Kyaa

Prepare yourself for the ultimate level of embarrassment as you watch this Goddess Kyaa humiliation fetish video! The skinny babe with long hair has complete control over you and she’s about to take it to a whole new level. She doesn’t just want to tease and torment you anymore, she wants to make you her personal cum eating bitch.

Goddess Kyaa looks at you with an expression that could only be described as pure domination. Her voice is like honey coated in poison as she speaks to you, “Do you think you have what it takes to please me? To serve me?” Without hesitation, you nod your head, desperate to prove yourself worthy of her attention.

She chuckles darkly before continuing, “Well then let’s put your obedience to the test.” Your heart races with excitement and fear as she gives her instructions. “I want you to jerk off for me, but not just any way. You’ll do it at my command, at my jerk off instruction. And when you’re ready to cum, I want you to do it into a condom.” At first, this seems like a simple task, but as she goes on, your stomach twists in knots of excitement and nervousness. “And then,” she says with a wicked grin, “you’re going to slurp it up.”

Your mind races with thoughts of how degrading and humiliating this will be. But part of you can’t help but crave it. As much as it scares you, the thought of being completely under Goddess Kyaa’s control is intoxicating.

She taunts and teases you throughout the entire process, urging you on as she watches you through the screen. With each passing moment, your arousal grows along with your sense of shame. As she counts down to your release, every fiber of your being is screaming at you to stop, but you know that’s not an option. You have to obey Goddess Kyaa, no matter how humiliating or degrading her commands may be.

As you finish in the condom, your muscles tense and your body shakes with pleasure. But there’s no time to revel in it, as Goddess Kyaa immediately orders you to slurp up every last drop of your own cum. “Hope you’re hungry,” she says with a wicked smirk. “Today I want you to eat your own fucking cum up for me. I don’t want you to miss a single drop.”

With trembling hands, you bring the condom to your lips and begin to suck out every last bit of cum. As it slides down your throat, your mind is flooded with a mix of disgust and arousal. On one hand, the act itself is revolting, but on the other, being so completely under the control of a powerful femdom like Goddess Kyaa is pure ecstasy.

Once the condom is empty, she mocks you for being such a pathetic and obedient cum eater. “Look at all the cummies you made,” she sneers. “Disgusting.” You can feel tears welling up in your eyes from the intense humiliation, but there’s nowhere else you’d rather be than at the mercy of this dominating goddess.

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