Jordyn JOI and CEI

Forced to eat your own cum

I’m Goddess Jordyn and you’d better be ready to show your devotion to me! I will tell you how to jerk your cock and then eat your own cum! I love nothing more than JOI and CEI. I demand respect, and will not tolerate anything less. It’s time to take out that cock of yours and stroke it slowly but steadily. Put all your energy into it as your grip tightens around the shaft and you speed up your strokes, building up the pressure until orgasm is imminent.

Jordyn humiliates you with JOI and cum eating instruction

When I set off the countdown from three, make sure that your body is tensing with anticipation – begin counting along with me so that when ‘three!’ is uttered, you’ll come forth powerfully like a volcano, spurting jizz everywhere! Don’t forget to keep going until your hardness is at its peak before I start the countdown again. Once you reach maximum hardness, pause for a moment and savor the feeling before quickly speeding up through the countdown this time so that when I finally say ‘three’, you’ll come exploding forth! Make sure you have something prepared afterwards too: either a cup or plate, because when you’re done busting a nut, I’m going to make you lick up every drop of cum.

Show me how devoted you can be by paying attention to every word I say; don’t let my instructions go in one ear and out the other – if you really want to please me, obey my commands without hesitation. Feel free to moan or grunt in pleasure as you come under my control; I love hearing how aroused and desperate for release you are as I watch over your performance.

If at any point during our session together I decide to change something up –– increase or decrease speed or intensity, for example –– then comply immediately without question, no matter how unexpected it may seem. You must trust me completely if we are going to get anywhere together –– don’t worry about making mistakes or embarrassing yourself; the only real failure here would be not obeying the orders of Mistress Jordyn!

Have you never eaten your own cum before? Oh, the bisexual humiliation will be exquisite. I love watching my men lap up their own juices, in fact it makes me so wet too! To watch you eat up the fruits of your labor, what could be more satisfying than that? You’ll feel every hot drop drip right down your throat, yes you will!

Your eyes meet mine, and I can see the shame scorching your cheeks. This will be the ultimate test of your willpower; to eat your own cum as I watch you with a wicked gleam in my eye. You must feel humiliated; yet I know you want this deep down. Every hot drop tantalizes your taste buds before it slides down your throat, and I relish in the knowledge that I’m the one who put you through this exquisite, unbearable torment.

And once you’ve swallowed your jizz and felt the ultimate shame, when you want more, let Mistress Jordyn tell you where to go: Head to JOI Humiliation for still more jerk off instruction and cum eating instruction pleasure!