Alexa Nova cum eating instruction

Alexa Nova cum eating instruction

Hey, bad boy. I’m humiliation goddess Alexa Nova, and tonight, you’re all mine. I’ve heard that you love redheads like me, but that there’s something else you love even more… jerking that cock and maybe even tasting your own cum!

I want your full attention, right now. I need you to really feel the heat between your legs, the urgent pulsating of your cock begging for release. Take it in your hand and give it a squeeze, feel it harden under your touch as all the blood rushes into it.

Now, slowly stroke it, teasing yourself with each gentle movement. Let the pleasure build with every caress, imagining my hand wrapped around yours, guiding you towards ecstasy. Feel the tension mounting, the desire coursing through your veins as you lose yourself in the sensation.

But don’t stop there. I want you to pick up the pace, let your hand glide faster and faster up and down your shaft. Your breath quickens as your body responds to the rhythm, driving you closer to the edge. Stroke it until you can’t take it anymore, until you’re ready to explode.

And when you do, I want you to catch all that hot cum in your hand. Don’t let a single drop go to waste. It’s yours, a gift from your balls to indulge in however you please.

But why stop there? Bring that hand up and taste your sweet and salty jizz. Yes, I want you to lick your fingers clean, savoring every delicious drop of that creamy goodness. Let your tongue dance along your fingertips, relishing in the salty sweetness of your own cum.

Feel how naughty it is, how daring and taboo. And yet, doesn’t it turn you on even more? To know that you can take control of your own pleasure and revel in every part of it? I love knowing that I could bring you to the point of no return, that I helped you bust a nut tonight. Mmm, it satisfies me so.

So go ahead, swallow it all down. Don’t be shy, let yourself fully experience this moment of pure indulgence. You deserve it.

And don’t forget this feeling, remember it for next time when I’m not here to guide you, when perhaps you’re hanging out with my other hot girlfriends on JOI Humiliation, letting them guide you to the JOI pleasure that you crave. Let yourself get lost in passion, surrendering completely to the desires of your body.

Because when you’re with me or my femdom pornstar girlfriends, there are no limits. So go ahead, my dear. Stroke it again and again until you find that release. And then do it all over again, as many times as you need, always eating up every last drop, just like I would if I were there.

Now come and watch me on JOI Humiliation, watch my videos over and over until you bust every ounce of jizz out of those sexy balls of yours! If you love jerk off instruction and cum eating instruction, that’s just the beginning of what I’ve got in store for you! Cum play with me, Alexa Nova, tonight!