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BDSM Bizarre Humiliation Whipping

Bizarre Slave Whipping

Chubby slave girl Emmas bizarre whipping by her master at The Pain Files – Exclusive BDSM Films. BBW Slavegirl is roughed up in the dungeon. Whipping and stripped. Humiliated and punished. The dungeon echoes with screams as amateur bdsm slavegirl Emma is pussy whipped and tit tormented by her stern master.

Genuine amateur BDSM with cheeky sadomaso slut Emma. She is stripped, whipped and screaming. Punched and humiliated by her dom at The Pain Files


Bizarre Slave Whipping of Emma at

Chubby slave girl Emmas bizarre whipping by her master at The Pain Files – Exclusive BDSM Films. BBW Slavegirl is roughed up in the dungeon. Whipping and stripped. Humiliated and punished. The dungeon echoes with screams as amateur bdsm slavegirl Emma is pussy whipped and tit tormented by her stern master.

Genuine amateur BDSM with cheeky sadomaso slut Emma. She is stripped, whipped and screaming. Punched and humiliated by her dom at The Pain Files

Bizarre Bondage Humiliation

The Slave on Public sale

I used to be allowed to sleep with Grasp Bruce the evening earlier than I used to be to be auctioned off…however I did not sleep all evening. I may solely lie there, on my again, stretching towards Him so that a small a part of my physique could be touching His. I slept on this method each evening when allowed to sleep in a mattress, as a result of my wrists have been invariably certain to the headboard, and my ankles to the foot board. I used to be so disturbed that He slept so soundly. I simply cried–quietly after all.

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Female Slave Auction

Slave Janna sold at the BDSM slave auction for slavesex!

If I have been to wake Him, I’d have been positioned within the cage, with no human contact in any respect. I needed to hold reminding myself that, as a result of I so needed to bump Him exhausting and wake Him up. As a substitute I lay there, watching the window, ready to see the solar come up…and it did-rapidly.

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Whereas Grasp nonetheless slept, Cynthia got here in to launch my shackles and lead me to the baths, the place my different sister was ready for me with a delicate smile on her face. For a protracted second, we three slaves simply checked out one another, not realizing what to say. Then Sasha helped me into the tub. She had lengthy stunning hair–lengthy sufficient for Grasp to tie her ankles collectively in a hog-tie place (one in every of His favourite). Her eyes have been all the time very unhappy and she or he not often smiled. However she was smiling this morning, attempting to consolation me I am certain. Anna was the oldest of us three, and likewise essentially the most outgoing. She was Grasp’s first lady. Being first woman, amongst different issues, meant that Sasha and I needed to name her Mistress Anna or Ma’am. Anna loved many different rights, like swatting privileges-the correct to self-discipline us as she noticed match (and I feel she loved it solely an excessive amount of). She was additionally very fairly, however in a harsher form of manner: darkish quick hair, darkish eyes, very voluptuous–and at all times a depraved smile on her face, even when she can be punished.

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The Slave on Public sale

They each stepped into the bathtub with me, wrapping their arms round me. I attempted to be calm, I attempted to not cry, however the tears flowed and regardless of how arduous I attempted to cease I simply could not. Sasha saved kissing my eyes, whereas Anna washed my hair.

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After my washing I used to be dried and clothed in a quite simple black gown, with a skinny lace neckline. The costume was one I had by no means seen earlier than and I used to be fairly shocked that it was so conservative. I used to be informed to rush off to breakfast whereas they ready Grasp for the journey. I did as I used to be advised. It appeared like ceaselessly, ready for Grasp to reach for breakfast. He by no means got here, and I used to be turning into very anxious and scared, not realizing what would develop into of me. Avenues of escape rushed to thoughts: operating away, begging Him to maintain me, even suicide. However I knew that none of this stuff would work, so I simply sat there, a thousand ideas roaming although my thoughts. Anna entered with my coat over her arm and held it up for me to slide into. I used to be stunned when she threw her arms round me and kissed me, permitting herself a second to interrupt down in tears and inform me that she beloved me. I bawled…

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Kinky slave auction roleplay at

Anna collected herself and walked me to the automotive that waited. I used to be positioned within the again with Grasp, who didn’t flip to look or converse to me. She positioned shackles on my ankles and wrists, and off we went to the airport. I sat very nonetheless, not shifting or saying a phrase. I prayed that Grasp would converse to me. He didn’t. After we arrived on the airport, the driving force unshackled me and helped me out of the automotive. He positioned a kiss on my cheek and smiled earlier than Grasp grabbed my arm and pushed me ahead. As He hurried me alongside, I attempted desperately to not cry.

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Amateur BDSM of Slave Janna

It appeared like a really lengthy flight, but it was solely about an hour and a half. The butterflies in my abdomen reworked into giant bats. Nonetheless no phrases have been spoken to me because the airplane touched down. He grabbed my elbow and we have been strolling off the aircraft. My knees had been weak and He virtually carried me. I stared on the ground speeding previous me, longing so to gaze upon His face, however I new this is able to solely anger Him.

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One other limousine waited outdoors. I carried nothing, not even a handbag. Grasp carried a suitcase, one which I had by no means seen earlier than, and I puzzled what He had in it. Was it cash? Was He going to promote me and buy one other? Oh god, certainly I used to be not so unhealthy that He would do such a factor. I used to be sure of my destiny, but my thoughts nonetheless sought some escape. He had all the time referred to as me His child, His little lady. He had at all times cradled me and held me. He was by no means as intimate with the opposite slaves, and I simply assumed it meant I might be without end by His facet, perpetually completely happy. I do know I would been a nasty woman, however why was He was discarding me like an previous pair of sneakers?

As quickly as I used to be positioned into the Limousine, I used to be as soon as once more shackled and hobbled, this time by a person that I had by no means seen earlier than. I bit my lip, desirous to kick this man. As my wrists and ankles have been positioned in chains, neither he nor Grasp spoke to me. At one level, I regarded on the man, my imaginative and prescient blurred with harm and spite. He glared at me and I lowered my eyes rapidly. All I heard was a heinous chuckle. I didn’t know this man, however I hated Him already…

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Amateur slave Jannas kinky fetish and bizarre machine fucking and pussy punished domination of private submissive in the living room

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BDSM Bizarre Humiliation Pain & Torture

Tongue Tortured Melanie Moon

Tongue tied and facially hot waxed blonde german bombshell Melanie Moons bondage and pain at Shadow Slaves. Kinky German fetish model Melanie Moon visits the dungeons of Shadow Slaves for a challenging BDSM session with skilled masters. Her tongue is tied and locked, candles are lit and burning hot wax is dripped on her tongue.

The helpless busty German slave girl whimpers and cries as the painful hotwax drips on her tongue. Cruel tongue torture of kinky fetishist Melanie in the cellar. She came for a session of hard sadomasochistic action. Dig she get more than she bargained for? You can see the full length movies of Melanie Moon at

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Kinky tongue torture and facial bondage of German blonde Melanie Moon in intense female humiliation and hot waxing punishments. Get the full length movie of Melanie Moon in BDSM at Shadow Slaves – Exclusive BDSM Movies in super high definition. No detail of the kinky blondes suffering is left out!

Tongue Tortured Melanie Moon

BDSM Bizarre Humiliation Lezdom

Amber West Female Domination

Sexy submissive Amber West in female domination by sensual dominatrix Jay. Ambers tender tits are pegged, clamps are put on her pussy lips and candle wax is dripped on her pained skin at the Shadow Slaves dungeon.

The mistress adds facial pain and kinky humiliation by applying clamps to Ambers nose and lips.

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BDSM Bizarre Bondage Pain & Torture

Sexy goth bbw bdsm

Chubby goth bdsm of tattooed slavegirl Eden in leather bondage and bbw domination at The big and beautiful gothic blonde is strapped to a dungeon punishment chair wearing long leather boots and straps. Eden is nipple clamped and has burning candle wax dripping down her face, tits and pussy.

Hardcore gothic bdsm of bbw blonde Eden in hot wax punishments and leather boot outfit for her dungeon torture session. Cruel punishment of the tattooed and pierced gothic chubby slave girl as hot wax drips, the whip dances and the slave girl cries
BDSM at The Pain Files
BDSM at The Pain Files
The Pain Files

Featuring: Eden
Outfit: Leather
Role: Submissive
Pain Tolerance: High

Sexy goth bbw bdsm and hot waxing torments of busty blonde slave girl Eden in gothic slavery session featuring harsh whipping and burning candles for the nipple clamped submissive. Severe pain of a deserving submissive in leather outfits.

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BDSM Bizarre Bondage Humiliation Pain & Torture

BDSM Rigging Interview

Introducing Magick, rigger of I am dominant and sadistic

In addition to my immediate household, I have a UK based sub (the old punk rocker in me appreciates UK Subs) and am free to play with other people, so I’m not really seeking any other serious relationships.
mei mara bondage
Photo from Magick at

I am, however, a bit of a play slut, so feel free to ask if you’re interested, but I don’t really do ‘on-line’ or fantasy/rôle play.

Vegetarian, libertarian, Discordian, pacifist and Pro (producer/rigger/photographer/videographer/editor/designer). I produce SM and public nudity erotica/pornography.

I make regular business trips to the UK to shoot, so I’m particularly interested in getting to know people from the UK or the Costa Blanca in Spain

I’m not a virtual ‘friend collector’, but since there is no ‘follow’ option here I will accept add requests from people who just want to keep track of my photo posting. I actually know about a quarter of my friends list here real life. I do not post anything as ‘friends only’ so you don’t need to friend me to see more.

Music and BDSM are my life, but I also love reading (anything!), and am especially interested in theoretical physics, comparative religion, global politics and human psychology, as well as more or less any kind of fiction. I don’t watch TV, but I like movies, especially if they have a complex storyline or a psychological element. I do dig comedy and superheroes too though.

Oh, and I’m a human being, not a cabbage or something.

pixie cage bondage


I’m never really sure what to put on profiles, so if you have any questions just PM me – happy to talk about anything. If something gets asked more than once and isn’t super personal, I’ll post it here.

Do you speak Spanish?

I’m a British ex-pat, with unfortunately poor Spanish, but trying hard to improve.

Do you swing?

I like to play, and have no issue with play being sexual, but I’m not really a swinger.

Can I borrow your sub?

We do play with others, but very much on our own terms. I’m not interested in just lending (or hiring!) out my partners. If you want to play, talk to us, get to know us, and please respect how we do things.

What sites are you rigging on?

You can me on and mainly

Bizarre Bondage

Pregnant Sub! Who Decides?

If your sub got pregnant, would you want to be the sole decision maker about what to do?

This realistically comes down to consent. There is no ‘right way’ to do Ds, only what the people involved want to do.

If a woman in a 24/7 TPE relationship has agreed for her partner to have that much control over her life and decisions, then she has already excersized her right to make that decision. If she is ordered to do something she feels is wrong she can withdraw that consent.

Pictures by The Pain Files – Pregnant BDSM of Slave A

That said, I think any reasonable human beings would generally discuss something as serious and a baby, and certainly it would be pretty crazy for a Dom to make that kind of decision without talking to the woman involved and taking into account her feelings. At that point, then sure the Dominant partner can make the decision, if that is what the submissive wants to happen, which presumably in a full TPF relationsip would be the case.

BDSM Bizarre Humiliation Pain & Torture Spanking

Rough tit torture

Her hands weren’t actually tied behind the back, but this was a test how harsh torment she could take and stay still. Did she pass that test? Click on the photos ot find out.

BDSM Bizarre Humiliation Lezdom Pain & Torture

Lesbian anal fisting

Cruel Mistress Bobbi Starr enjoys fucking horny slavegirls and She especially enjoys to fist them. Be sure to click on the photos above for awesome lesbian fisting domination action.

BDSM Bizarre Humiliation Lezdom Pain & Torture

Rough lesbian anal strap on fucking

Busty slavegirl expected that Mistress will fuck her pussy with a huge strap on dildo, but she was far away from deserving that. Instead, with a very little lube, Mistress fucked slavegirl’s anus with even bigger strap on dildo. If you like hard core anal BDSM action, be sure to click on a photo above.