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BDSM Bizarre Humiliation

Slavegirl on her knees

Young slavegirl was aware that she made a lot of mistakes that week and she was afraid of cruel punishment. So she decided to wait for Master on her knees begging for a not too rough punishment. Did Master have mercy? Click on a photo to find out.

BDSM Humiliation Whipping

Master whips gagged young slave on her knees

He knew she would scream and beg even on the easiest whipping so He ordered her to gag herself and wait for him kneeling on all four completely naked. As she was already experienced slave and she knew that he was serious, she was on her knees in a few seconds. As the whipping punishment started, tears came to her eyes, but she didn’t make a single sound until the end. Be sure to click on the photo above to see the whole whipping punishment movie.