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Labia Sewing / Labial Suturing

I did my first actual labial suturing a few months back, and I have to say using a needle driver is trickier than it looks, so it’s worth wasting a couple of sutures to practice on an orange or similar just to get used to that and tying surgical knots.

Obviously if you are fluid bonded sterile gloves or or anti bac cleansed hands are an easier option than using a driver (which is of course not 100% sterile anyway once taken out of the pack in any environment but an operating theatre)

labial suturing / labia sewing
Ok, couldnt find the labia sewing photos, so here we have some stapling instead untill I dig them up – courtesy of Shadow Slaves

The other factors I noticed were that outer labia are much tougher than you might expect from experience with hypodermics, and suture needles are much more painful.