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Nipple Clamps Special

Nipple Clamps – Why nipple clamps?
The breasts are generally a (sexually) sensitive area. Not only in women but also in men, can by touching, caressing etc breast issued a pleasant stimulus. No more can here within the BDSM use are made by touching or fondling expand to squeeze, this can be done with fingers, but also various ready shelves are in place to apply the pressure of squeezing in a constant manner.
As simple as pressure is exerted by the fingers, a clamp can be in the form of these pressures. The most simple manner of a clamp used is the placing of a clothes peg on the areola of a submissive person. By letting it sit a little longer, where we are actually good to keep an eye on how the person reacts, you can slowly remove the skin clothespin. You will get the thrill twice, the first time in the award, the second time when picking the clip. It is precisely the moment of pick-up is often the most intense, the sensitivity of the skin is still quite long after removal present. This can make the Dominant on its way of use, and the use thereof to stimulate the sensation submissive.

Exercise032 Exercise031 Exercise002
Photo examples of nipples clamps from Shadow Slaves – Exclusive BDSM Movies

Different nipple clamps?

There are different types of clamps for sale. We will discuss some.

The lasso rope
So you have for the novice or highly sensitive nipple, the cords. This is done using a lasso loop around the nipples and the lasso is tightened. A simple way to take the first steps into the real terminals. The nipple is thus tied and this obviously requires a lot of attention. The advantage of these terminals is that they can be worn for a long time, and that the submissive there is relatively little affected by has when worn. So can be worn well below the normal clothing, for example a dinner

Photo examples of nipples clamps from Shadow Slaves – Exclusive BDSM Movies


The soft clamps
The terminals for the beginners there are multidrug shapes and sizes. If the Dominant wants to go beyond the lasso rope and really wants to put a clamp, the soft clips are a good option. The clamps have a fixed amount of pressure, depending on the thickness of the nipple, but it is well distributed with plastic caps over the nipple.

Exercise035 Exercise034 Exercise033

The Japanese / American Clover Clamps
These Clover Clamps are for the BDSM who can take some more pain. Due to the bayonet-closure, the terminals are fairly tightly attracted on the nipple. The rubber feet keep the clamps are still in place and it is therefore fairly easy to hang weights here to make even bigger thrill

The toothed clamps
These clamps are the masochists ideal. Because of the small teeth into the terminals, the pain is more severe than with a normal clamp.
With the adjusting screw can be determined how hard to squeeze the teeth in the nipple, nipple size so that each can get the right pressure.
It can also be increased pressure during operation, so that the submissive continues to experience the thrill. At these clamps should be careful that there is no pinching arises due to the high pressure of the clamps.


The piercing clamps
it is often difficult for submissive with nipple piercings to find the proper clamps because the piercing is in the way. Of course, the piercing should be completely healed and free of any irritation whatsoever to be there but can think to do anything with nipples. The illustrated clamps give the peircing left just enough space to put the clip behind it, so it does not directly press the piercing. This may be handled in a safe manner with the clamps and piercings.

Exercise076 Exercise037 Exercise036
Photo examples of nipples clamps from Shadow Slaves – Exclusive BDSM Movies

The zipper

A kind we do not want to remember. The most feared and cursed way of clamping the zipper. What does a zipper do? A zipper is a row of clothespins on the submissive put, beautiful together. This may be in the chest, but also to any other body part where you normally a clip sequence could lose. For the pincers can be put on the body must be installed on both side of each clip to create a knot so that the position of the clip on the rope is certain. Would not you do that, the pincers contracted by subtracting should be which leads to their displacement in the wrong skin. An uncontrollable situation is then the result. After the clips have been sitting for some time, both uitienden of the rope will be securely taken in the hand. With a firm tug the pegs are then deducted reasonable pace for one of the first body. Tip: Make sure the submissive person well firmly fixed, she would still be able to even make strange movements at the first clips. This may result in that the rest of the pincers uncontrolled be subtracted from the body, and that is anything but desirable.

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