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BDSM Advice

Nipple Clamps Special

Nipple Clamps – Why nipple clamps?
The breasts are generally a (sexually) sensitive area. Not only in women but also in men, can by touching, caressing etc breast issued a pleasant stimulus. No more can here within the BDSM use are made by touching or fondling expand to squeeze, this can be done with fingers, but also various ready shelves are in place to apply the pressure of squeezing in a constant manner.
As simple as pressure is exerted by the fingers, a clamp can be in the form of these pressures. The most simple manner of a clamp used is the placing of a clothes peg on the areola of a submissive person. By letting it sit a little longer, where we are actually good to keep an eye on how the person reacts, you can slowly remove the skin clothespin. You will get the thrill twice, the first time in the award, the second time when picking the clip. It is precisely the moment of pick-up is often the most intense, the sensitivity of the skin is still quite long after removal present. This can make the Dominant on its way of use, and the use thereof to stimulate the sensation submissive.

Exercise032 Exercise031 Exercise002
Photo examples of nipples clamps from Shadow Slaves – Exclusive BDSM Movies

Different nipple clamps?

There are different types of clamps for sale. We will discuss some.

The lasso rope
So you have for the novice or highly sensitive nipple, the cords. This is done using a lasso loop around the nipples and the lasso is tightened. A simple way to take the first steps into the real terminals. The nipple is thus tied and this obviously requires a lot of attention. The advantage of these terminals is that they can be worn for a long time, and that the submissive there is relatively little affected by has when worn. So can be worn well below the normal clothing, for example a dinner

Photo examples of nipples clamps from Shadow Slaves – Exclusive BDSM Movies


The soft clamps
The terminals for the beginners there are multidrug shapes and sizes. If the Dominant wants to go beyond the lasso rope and really wants to put a clamp, the soft clips are a good option. The clamps have a fixed amount of pressure, depending on the thickness of the nipple, but it is well distributed with plastic caps over the nipple.

Exercise035 Exercise034 Exercise033

The Japanese / American Clover Clamps
These Clover Clamps are for the BDSM who can take some more pain. Due to the bayonet-closure, the terminals are fairly tightly attracted on the nipple. The rubber feet keep the clamps are still in place and it is therefore fairly easy to hang weights here to make even bigger thrill

The toothed clamps
These clamps are the masochists ideal. Because of the small teeth into the terminals, the pain is more severe than with a normal clamp.
With the adjusting screw can be determined how hard to squeeze the teeth in the nipple, nipple size so that each can get the right pressure.
It can also be increased pressure during operation, so that the submissive continues to experience the thrill. At these clamps should be careful that there is no pinching arises due to the high pressure of the clamps.


The piercing clamps
it is often difficult for submissive with nipple piercings to find the proper clamps because the piercing is in the way. Of course, the piercing should be completely healed and free of any irritation whatsoever to be there but can think to do anything with nipples. The illustrated clamps give the peircing left just enough space to put the clip behind it, so it does not directly press the piercing. This may be handled in a safe manner with the clamps and piercings.

Exercise076 Exercise037 Exercise036
Photo examples of nipples clamps from Shadow Slaves – Exclusive BDSM Movies

The zipper

A kind we do not want to remember. The most feared and cursed way of clamping the zipper. What does a zipper do? A zipper is a row of clothespins on the submissive put, beautiful together. This may be in the chest, but also to any other body part where you normally a clip sequence could lose. For the pincers can be put on the body must be installed on both side of each clip to create a knot so that the position of the clip on the rope is certain. Would not you do that, the pincers contracted by subtracting should be which leads to their displacement in the wrong skin. An uncontrollable situation is then the result. After the clips have been sitting for some time, both uitienden of the rope will be securely taken in the hand. With a firm tug the pegs are then deducted reasonable pace for one of the first body. Tip: Make sure the submissive person well firmly fixed, she would still be able to even make strange movements at the first clips. This may result in that the rest of the pincers uncontrolled be subtracted from the body, and that is anything but desirable.


Bullwhipping Female Slaves

It’s dark. Where am I? All I can feel is, that I am kind of hung up. My arms are tied up, I am somehow handcuffed. There is something in front of my eyes. The reason for the darkness. Someone blindfolded me. How did I get here? I can’t remember, I have no idea…

hop2 thumbnail 16 hop2 thumbnail 17 hop2 thumbnail 14

See the video at Elite Pain

I hear a noise. Someone is in here. “Hello, who is there?” I ask. No response. “Hello?” Nothing. Someone is breathing. I can hear it, I can feel it, I can even smell it. “Who is there? Please… talk to me” Again, silence. If I only could recall what happened. But there is nothing. My head is empty, a total vacuum.

“Please… I know you are here… Why don’t you talk to me?”

Suddenly I feel someone touching my ass from behind. I scream out loud. He doesn’t stop. He feels up my whole bottom. This is disgusting and this is not a joke – I’m in serious trouble. So it is not only one person, there must be more, there are at least two of them. “Stop that! What are you doing?”, I scream. I didn’t think it would help, but actually it works. He stopped. Silence.

The last night comes to memory. Blurry. I’ve been out dancing with Jodie. We started at her apartment, having some drinks, for a cheap warm-up. After that we went to Barney’s, a small… Finally, Light! Someone removed my blindfold. I can hardly see… “Ahhh!!”, I scream, the ugliest face I’ve ever seen… but wait, it’s not for real, it’s a mask, yeah, like an ugly carnival mask. Now he is taking my slip off, “Stop that!”, but this time it failed to work, I am naked. He still stands in front of me, smelling my slip, bathing in my pussy smell.

hop2 thumbnail 8 hop2 thumbnail 6

Barney’s. A small club in our district. We danced, danced endlessly, me and Jodie. After a couple of hours it was time for a drink. We headed towards the bar. There were these three guys staring at us. “We haven’t seen you girls here before. First-timers?” the tall one asked us…

What is this? A tall guy is coming. A different one than the first. He has a mask looking like a woman. This is frightening. He has something in his hand. It’s black and white. What is it? He enfolds me from behind, playing with me, playing with this black and white thing. And now I recognize what it is: it is a bullwhip! Bullwhipped, I am going to get bullwhipped…

See the video at Elite Pain



World Of BDSM

When was the last time you clicked on these dirty Internet sites and had your vicarious thrills by seeing women and men wearing nothing apart from harnesses, doing things to one another that may give any regular pervert a chill down his or her backbone. Chances are you’ll elevate your eyebrows in disgust, however in coronary heart of hearts you do generally get tempted to check out issues for your self. And it isn’t solely you lusty lads and soiled outdated males on the market, additionally it is the oh-so-propah respectable girls, who pine for such titillation.

Okay, so that you insist that you simply’re not one among them and swear that you just don’t even consider indulging in such filthy deeds. Properly, no offense meant. However frankly, don’t you assume it’s time to let go of your prudery about “this sick stuff individuals do with whips and whipped lotions and stuff” and infuse some pleasure into your love life gone limp. Learn on and provides a lift, if to not your intercourse life, then to your data, about this weird type of leisure.

aACH_4109 aACH_4110 aACH_4111 aACH_4112 aACH_4122 aACH_4123 aACH_4126 aACH_4128

BDSM Photography examples of sexy blonde Carly Rae in interracial fetish games, bondage and whipping with her black dom at Shadow Slaves – Exclusive BDSM Movies featured in full length high definition videos.

BDSM outlined

So what’s BDSM? Merely acknowledged it’s an acronym for Bondage and Self-discipline, Domination and Submission, and Sadomasochism. It’s possible you’ll be stunned to know that these so referred to as perversions come fairly naturally to most, since some individuals naturally crave to be submissive and a few dominant. Should you simply check out your personal intercourse lives, you’ll be shocked to seek out that you just’ve already tried out some components of BDSM with out even being conscious of it. Keep in mind, the way you shuddered and ended up in a heap, when your accomplice blindfolded you and traced the contours of your physique with a feather or an ice dice? Welcome to the warped and bizarre world of BDSM.

A lot of it’s possible you’ll be relating BDSM solely to hardcore sadism or masochism, however the reality is that it can be remarkably delicate, extremely erotic and psychologically charged. It could not even contain intercourse or sexual rigidity! It’s extra of an influence sport, the place one particular person agrees to submit to a different to behave out a fantasy. It’s pushed extra by the wants of the submissive than by these of the dominant. And, on this recreation, the roles of the dominants and submissives are additionally not mounted and could be interchanged. Chances are you’ll be shocked to know that male submissives really outnumber the feminine ones! Discuss position reversal!

aACH_4159 aACH_4198 aACH_4199 aACH_4259 aACH_4262 aACH_4266 aACH_4273 aACH_4275

ss800x240 Exclusive Bondage Films

BDSM isn’t abuse

However, earlier than you got down to discover the realm of this ache-giving pleasure (or is it pleasure-giving ache?), it’s essential to know, on the very outset, that BDSM isn’t abuse. An abuser has no regard for the emotions, wants or limits of the sufferer, whereas in BDSM every companion is a keen one and has a say in no matter is completed to her or him. Additionally, the sufferer of abuse is just not at liberty to dictate the abusers actions or set limits to it, whereas BDSM caters to the wants and needs of these being dominated. For instance, flogging isn’t what you think about it’d be like. For probably the most half, it’s extra stimulating than painful.

Select your personal fantasy

The great half about BDSM is that it’s solely restricted by your creativeness. There are numerous methods in which you’ll take pleasure in inflicting ache on others or struggling pleasant discomfiture your self. For those who suppose that inflicting or struggling ache isn’t your thought of enjoyment, assume once more. Bear in mind these agonizing deep physique massages, the place you all however cry and tears of pleasure roll down your cheeks in painful reduction? You don’t stop and ultimately it proves so gratifying that you just proceed to come back again for extra. Similar is the case with BDSM, which will get you a lot sexually aroused that this type of stimulation turns into enjoyable and retains you begging for extra.

BDSM encompasses many wildly completely different practices and a few actually curious beliefs. However basically, it provides you a chance to problem your boundaries and check your limits. Within the strictest sense, BDSM entails position-enjoying, the place you might be dominant and your accomplice submissive or vice versa. This lets you act out eventualities which can be extremely charged, psychologically and completely gratifying, bodily. Nevertheless, there’re just a few who don’t go for the dominant or submissive roles, as they don’t get turned on by being tied up or by bossing their companions, or such different stuff. However they nonetheless get pleasure from their very own model of BDSM fantasies. So, the vital factor to know is that there’s nothing often known as correct BDSM. It’s what you take pleasure in.

aACH_4281 aACH_4291 aACH_4293 aACH_4295

Security first and at all times

There’s no denying the truth that BDSM entails a managed consensual minor abuse of the physique, so it’s all the time higher to be protected than sorry. To cross the restrict within the throes of ecstasy won’t solely result in accidents, it might additionally dampen your associate’s curiosity. So, you need to comply with a couple of security ideas earlier than you queer the pitch on your companion. In spite of everything, you do need her or him to return again for extra, don’t you?

Give a touch of your meant motion: Springing a shock will be enjoyable and should add to the pleasure of each, however you do not wish to shock your companion with one thing that she or he might hate. Though, you needn’t essentially give away your precise plans, it’s at all times secure to throw in a touch of what’s coming and the way.

Gradual and regular wins the race: There’s a necessity to think about your each transfer intentionally for realizing your fantasy. And it requires preparation, each psychological and bodily. Don’t be hasty in issues you have not tried but. It requires a while to grasp the methods and to start out having fun with them. For instance, don’t instantly bounce into the mattress along with your associate simply after studying this text!

Agree upon a ‘cease’ phrase: “Please cease. No. Cease. Puleez. God, no. Oooh!…” Don’t you simply get turned on by your companion’s whimpering and pleading for mercy? That’s why the phrase cease and no doesn’t qualify for stopping the act, when your associate really needs you to. For you wouldn’t know if she or he truly means it! So, it’s a secure wager to agree upon a phrase or some motion (keep in mind, your associate could also be gagged) that the submissive can use, when she or he doesn’t need you to go forward with what you’re doing. Sufficient is usually a ok phrase and thumping the mattress or the ground with arms or toes is usually a handy indication to cease the proceedings, very like what the wrestlers do.

Contingency planning: Simply think about, you excitedly choose up a pair of handcuffs out of your field of naughty toys and slip them in your associate’s wrists. As you set about what you are promoting, you out of the blue notice, “Heck! The place’re the keys?” and, at that very second, somebody knocks on the door! To keep away from such awkward conditions, all the time have some essential stuff useful, like a pair of scissors, a knife or a blade to chop ropes or bandages. They need to be protected sufficient to make use of in a rush, when you’re required to launch your associate shortly. And don’t overlook to find the keys first, earlier than you utilize these handcuffs!


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Video games dominants and submissives play

Now allow us to come all the way down to the brass tacks. What do you really do? Out of just about limitless prospects, there’re some actually thrilling ones that you may safely introduce into your intercourse life. These love video games can work for each, whether or not you’re male dominant and feminine submissive or the opposite approach spherical. Allow us to see them one after the other and study what they’ve to supply:

The arousing ice: Ice stays an all time favourite that has even been utilized by lesser mortals practising regular intercourse! This nice all-goal intercourse toy and can be utilized in a lot of methods. One time-examined methodology is to run an ice dice over your accomplice’s physique, ideally if she or he is blindfolded and certain. One other means is to position it in your mouth and run your lips and tongue over your accomplice’s physique. For a extra imaginative play, make an ice dildo within the fridge and revel in vaginal or anal play. Ice cream moulds could come in useful right here!

The bewitching brush: Nicely, do you know that a brush can be utilized successfully to make your companion come? All that you must do is to blindfold and tie her or him up. Now, first taking the delicate shaving or portray brush, start by stroking the breasts, nipples, thighs and the edges of your associate, alternating it with a stiff toothbrush. This therapy is sufficient to get your associate moaning for extra. Undoubtedly the one subject of artwork the place the canvas is extra fascinating than the portray!

The fascinating clothespin: Do you know that clothespins have makes use of apart from for hanging garments out to dry? These little biters can work wonders if clamped on essentially the most attention-grabbing websites of the physique. Clamp them on the nipples, anyplace alongside the breasts, the perimeters, arms, legs and thighs and, sure, there too. These are certain to let a shiver of sexual pleasure run by the physique! When you’ve clamped the clothespin, don’t be in a rush to take away them out of your associate’s physique. The longer they keep on, the extra intense would be the sensation, after they lastly come off! After you and your accomplice have began having fun with the ache, you’re able to graduate to the following step. This entails stringing collectively various clothespins by way of a thread and clamping them alongside your companions’ stomach, breast or nipple. As soon as in place, all you could do is to seek out the best time to tug them off sharply, one after the opposite, to his or her ecstatic delight. For extra intense sensation, use small, plastic clothespins which have a sharper grip, than the bigger wood ones. So, the following time you discover your neighbors on the grocery store insisting on such clothespins, you’d know what they’re as much as!

The thrilling knives: No, we’re not recommending reducing down your companion to measurement. However, blunt butter knives could make psychologically highly effective and interesting intercourse toys. It entails blindfolding and tying up the accomplice and slowly, very slowly, drawing the knife-edge over the again, chest, thighs and legs. Freshmen must take care not to attract it too laborious over the pores and skin. This sport shouldn’t be as dangerous because it sounds and it provides such an emotionally intense impact and erotically charged sensation that your accomplice will crave for extra. For doubling the impact of the knife, preserve it within the freezer earlier than use. It would really feel a lot sharper and your companion might consider that you’re really carving her or him up with the knife.

The incredible flogger: A flogger is a multi-tailed whip and, regardless of its intimidating look, is just not painful in any respect, supplied, in fact, you don’t go for a budget ones accessible in lots of intercourse outlets. The proper one ought to’ve gentle lashes and never thick and stiff ones and its edges needs to be rounded, like a deerskin flogger that doesn’t damage in any respect. Such a flogger may even not trigger any harm. Bear in mind, for those who go for flogging and even paddling or spanking your companion, watch out the place you hit. The protected physique websites are the butt, thighs or the higher again. To the skilled, even breasts are permitted. Nevertheless, by no means hit the decrease again, as there’s a danger of kidney injury. Additionally spare the face and the neck.

The attractive bondage and restraint: So, that is the half that the majority of you ogle at on these kinky web sites. This type of domination, the place you tie up your companion, could also be fairly stimulating for each. Nonetheless, it’s vital to pick out what you tie up your companion with. Silk scarves or nylon stockings could seem delicate, however are a strict no-no as a result of they get tightened and will hinder or cease the circulation. Their knots, too, grow to be tough to undo. Good old style rope is definitely far safer. When tying up your associate, don’t get her or him in a variety-eagle place, since it may grow to be uncomfortable or painful in a short time. It’s best to tie up the submissive’s arms to the aspect or to the waist, since such a place will be maintained for for much longer. Whereas choosing handcuffs, go for these that may be double locked. Such handcuffs will not tighten up, even if you happen to press or sit on them or battle towards them. Whereas indulging on this sport all the time be alert for tingling, numbness or coldness. These signs point out that a nerve is being pressed or the circulation is being affected. In such circumstances, all it’s essential do is to loosen up the restraints, until the signs fade.

These video games usually are not even the tip of the iceberg of what all encompasses BDSM. Suffice to say that these video games are restricted solely by your creativeness. That’s why it’s vital to change notes and study from one another!


The ultimate phrase

You probably have reached this far with out hitting the again button, you’re recreation for experiencing the deliciously erotic and thoughts-blowing sensations that devilishly borders on taboo. BDSM does extra than simply present sexual gratification. It makes you conscious of your personal psychological limits if you inflict ache in your companion and your personal bodily limits if you endure ache perpetrated by her or him.

Nevertheless, as with different issues, will probably be smart to undertake BDSM provided that you are feeling snug with it each mentally and bodily. When you discover that your strict upbringing shouldn’t be permitting you to be comfy with these kinky acrobatics, by all means stroll away. If you end up bodily unable to endure the torment, superb, you don’t must put your well being on line. However when you’re the adventurous kind, BDSM ensures so as to add such nice selection to your love life that you’ll by no means grievance of not getting sufficient!

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BDSM Pain & Torture

Two amateur slaves in BDSM

Two amateur slaves nipples clamped and tormented to tears in hard double domination bdsm session for blonde sub Angel and bbw painslut Andrea. Two amateur slaves in BDSM and fierce tit torture. The punishments are cruel at Shadow Slaves – BDSM Films and the two mature submissives are tormented to tears. Nipple torture, clothespegs whipped off their tits and several more!


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See the full length amateur BDSM video at Shadow Slaves featuring blonde slave Angel and bbw painslut Andrea.

Pain & Torture Spanking

New Elitepain Release – Wheel of Pain 11

New cruel spanking release from the masters of whipping, torture and caning – Elitepain. The new movie features a Hungarian slave girl called Helen. An average blonde who has to spin the infamous Wheel of Pain in part11 of this neverending punishment show.

Read a full feature on Elite Pain – Wheel of Pain 11 Video over at Amateurs BDSM with plenty of footage, movie clip and information on the suffering at the command of the evil wheel.

wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video15 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video13 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video12 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video11 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video9 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video8 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video7 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video6 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video5 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video4 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video3 wheel-of-pain-11-elitepain-video2

See more about getting the full length movie at Elite Pain – Wheel of Pain 11 Video

BDSM BDSM Advice Pain & Torture

Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissives

Are you curious about a BDSM different life-style? In that case, many individuals might imagine that you’re a bit different; and there’s nothing flawed with this. When it comes all the way down to it, a BDSM alternative way of life is one thing that lots of people get entangled with. Even in case you are undecided of what that is all about, there are many methods that you could be taught.

Typically talking, the BDSM different way of life isn’t what it looks like on the floor. It is a legitimate way of life, and for many individuals, that is how they select to dwell their life. If you’re desirous about shifting on this path, you could need to be taught extra about what’s concerned earlier than you truly transfer ahead.

Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive photos by

Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive

Alternative BDSM Lifestyle

Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive. Do you know that abuse is just not widespread with one of these life-style? This is without doubt one of the most typical misconceptions a couple of BDSM different way of life, and one which needs to be dispelled sooner fairly than later. All in all, a BDSM various life-style has nothing to do with abuse, and usually if this occurs, it’s nothing greater than a unprecedented prevalence.

There may be a whole lot of data on-line for anyone who’s concerned with a BDSM various life-style. Not solely is that this nice data in case you are already residing this manner, however the identical factor holds true if you’re fascinated by getting concerned. Make it possible for if you end up studying a couple of BDSM various way of life that you simply solely absorb the information. In spite of everything, you do not need to imagine the numerous myths which are on the market.

Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive Sensory Deprivation of Alternative BDSM Lifestyle Submissive

Total, a BDSM various way of life just isn’t as unhealthy as many individuals make it out to be. There may be normally no abuse, and people who find themselves on this life achieve this with out being pressured into it. In case you assume that a BDSM different way of life is best for you, check out among the info that’s obtainable on-line.

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BDSM Spanking Whipping

Crack The Whip – Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir

Practice your whip cracking skills. None would claim to be an expert but all are pretty handy with various types of Singletails.

The aim was to demonstrate the range of sensations that can be produced with a singletail and some of the more “showy” techniques. Singletails are literally one toy that you never, ever, finish learning.

As an added bonus there was a practice area set up outside where you could practice with your own “weapons” or, if you asked nicely, try someone else’s. Beginners were particularly welcome as, after a little practice, just about anyone can crack a whip (the really hard part comes later). Photos of flogging and spanking by The Pain Files – Extreme BDSM Movies

Crack The Whip !

Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir Crack The Whip - Flogging Female Slave Beauvoir

Intimate Hand Spanking

Looking through the list of demos and discussions that we’ve had over the past few years, I was astonished to discover that we’ve never really done anything on spanking. It then got me thinking that with all the sessions that we’ve had on all those wonderful instruments of pain and pleasure that clutter up our toy-boxes and play-bags, we’ve also never done anything on using the hands.

A feather-light caress or a hard stinging slap; fingers squeezing, scratching or stroking; skin against skin or gloved in leather or lace – the demonstration was a varied presentation of hand contact including a celebration of that most intimate of BDSM pleasures – the hand spanking.

Photos of flogging and spanking by The Pain Files – Extreme BDSM Movies

BDSM Bondage Pain & Torture

Dommes Amateur BDSM

Lesbian dommes amateur BDSM and pussy torture of a mature female slave girl at The Pain Files featuring hard metal clamps on labia, backside whipping, candle wax punishment and wooden horse bondage.

The mature female submissive has to hold position with her arms behind her head as her bare bottom is spanked with a leather whip and back whipped. Extreme garage-style metal clamps are put on her pussy lips. The mature masochist is put on the wooden horse, digging up into her private parts.

Cruel amateur BDSM and private play room of lesbian sadomasochist at Exclusive BDSM Films

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Private Amateur BDSM

Lesbian Amateur BDSM in a private playroom featuring whipping, wooden horse bondage and metal clamps at The Pain Files with a seasoned submissive punished by her blonde female domme using candles, bondage devices and leather whips.

BDSM Pain & Torture

History of Pain – Spy Interrogation

Military interrogation methods incl. Whipping enjoy this cool video This hot by a woman needs to dig her true sexuality fulfill all your wildest desires. Pleasure and pain two sides of the same coin as this slave finds out at Elite Pain.


History of Pain – Spy Interrogation – Full Length Movie at Elite Pain

hop1_41 hop1_40 hop1_38 hop1_37 hop1_35 hop1_33 hop1_30 hop1_29 hop1_28 hop1_27 hop1_26 hop1_25 hop1_24 hop1_23 hop1_22 hop1_21 hop1_20 hop1_19 hop1_18 hop1_17 hop1_15 hop1_14 hop1_13 hop1_12 hop1_11 hop1_10 hop1_09 hop1_08 hop1_07 hop1_06 hop1_05 hop1_04 hop1_03 hop1_02

For thousands or years people have been inflicted pain by those who have the power and find pleasure in it or simply strive to achieve their goals by causing pain. Different methods were used to achieve this pain in different eras and situations. In this first episode we will examine the unofficial methods of spy interrogations.

Get the full movie at Elite Pain

BDSM Pain & Torture

Ebony Slaves Electro BDSM and Needle Torture

Amateur ebony slave girls electro BDSM and needle torture of pierced sub at Hardcore nipple piercing punishments with hypodermic needle straight through her sore nipples. Electrodes from a big black box are attached to the needles in her nipples to lead the vicious electro shocks directly inside her nipples. By the way, right behind the nipples is one the places in the female body with the most nerve endings – and thus one of the most painful places to torture.

ebony electro bdsm ebony electro bdsm ebony electro bdsm ebony needle bdsm ebony needle bdsm ebony needle bdsm ebony needle bdsm ebony needle bdsm PCT0078 PCT0077 PCT0076 PCT0075 PCT0074 ebony electro bdsm

The amateur black slave girl is tortured using needles and electro shocks on her nipples at The Pain Files without mercy in the private dungeon. Pure masochist slave in edge play taken straight to her pain threshold and beyond.