Bullwhipping Female Slaves

It’s dark. Where am I? All I can feel is, that I am kind of hung up. My arms are tied up, I am somehow handcuffed. There is something in front of my eyes. The reason for the darkness. Someone blindfolded me. How did I get here? I can’t remember, I have no idea…

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I hear a noise. Someone is in here. “Hello, who is there?” I ask. No response. “Hello?” Nothing. Someone is breathing. I can hear it, I can feel it, I can even smell it. “Who is there? Please… talk to me” Again, silence. If I only could recall what happened. But there is nothing. My head is empty, a total vacuum.

“Please… I know you are here… Why don’t you talk to me?”

Suddenly I feel someone touching my ass from behind. I scream out loud. He doesn’t stop. He feels up my whole bottom. This is disgusting and this is not a joke – I’m in serious trouble. So it is not only one person, there must be more, there are at least two of them. “Stop that! What are you doing?”, I scream. I didn’t think it would help, but actually it works. He stopped. Silence.

The last night comes to memory. Blurry. I’ve been out dancing with Jodie. We started at her apartment, having some drinks, for a cheap warm-up. After that we went to Barney’s, a small… Finally, Light! Someone removed my blindfold. I can hardly see… “Ahhh!!”, I scream, the ugliest face I’ve ever seen… but wait, it’s not for real, it’s a mask, yeah, like an ugly carnival mask. Now he is taking my slip off, “Stop that!”, but this time it failed to work, I am naked. He still stands in front of me, smelling my slip, bathing in my pussy smell.

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Barney’s. A small club in our district. We danced, danced endlessly, me and Jodie. After a couple of hours it was time for a drink. We headed towards the bar. There were these three guys staring at us. “We haven’t seen you girls here before. First-timers?” the tall one asked us…

What is this? A tall guy is coming. A different one than the first. He has a mask looking like a woman. This is frightening. He has something in his hand. It’s black and white. What is it? He enfolds me from behind, playing with me, playing with this black and white thing. And now I recognize what it is: it is a bullwhip! Bullwhipped, I am going to get bullwhipped…

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