Piercings or Body Mods as Punishment?

Piercings or Body Mods as Punishment?

Most of my sub’s tattoos and her ear/tongue piercing were already in place when I met her.

I gave permission for the nipple piercings and foot tattoo she’s had since, but they were her idea.

I recently pierced her outer labia myself as she mentioned above (on ring either side) and intend at least another pair when they are fully healed, a clit hood ring and probably a tattoo of my own design, but I think that will be enough then.

body mod punishment
Photo by The Pain Files

I decide what mods she has, with prior consent that that’s how our dynamic works, so it’s not a ‘joint decision’, but neither is it non-consensual – some of the comments above seem to have a rather black and white view on that front IMHO.

I don’t think I’d use permanent body mods as a punishment really though, as they’re not really ‘immediate’ enough to make the impact IMHO.